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2004 05 23 | 固定リンク



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omoshiroi! haha! ;) Glad you guys drove out to Dole! Did you and Kenichi try the "world's largest maze"? Isn't the pineapple frozen yogurt delicious?! not as good as maccha softcream though! :) and nice finds at Old Navy and Ross! You are becoming a pro "bargain hunter"!

投稿者: (May 23, 2004, 5:28:43 PM)

Hi Taryn, did you see Kenichi eating the
pinapple ice cream? so funny. No we didn't
try the maze, just saw it, which seemed huge.
We took the Pinapple Express touring around
the pinapple fields, listening to the songs
by Naleo. (actually on the express it was their
voice explaining the history of Dole)
My friend in London used to call me "a bargain
hunter" and now you call me so, ha, ha, ha.
Anyway, we enjoued ourselves in Hawaii very
much. I love Old Navy and Ross but Old Navy
is a little too young for me, perhaps?
Aloha, Reiko

投稿者: (May 24, 2004, 9:39:53 PM)

you are not too old for Old Navy! oh how i miss Old Navy -as soon as i go home i'm going on a shopping spree there and at GAP! tanoshimi!

投稿者: (May 30, 2004, 6:23:43 PM)

I am sure you missed Old Navy, did you?
I also went to Banana but there wasn't
much attractive stuff for me, SAD!

Did you see the leis on the right hand side
bar? You and Robin gave them to us, remember?
I took pictures of them at the Sunset.
As we can not take them home for the regulation,
we put them at the bottom of the statue of
Duke Kahanamoku standing at the waikiki street.
I was trying to put them around the neck of
Duke but couldn't reach him, never mind!

Now I see them everyday on my web!

Aloha, Reiko

投稿者: (Jun 1, 2004, 11:59:35 PM)