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Sushi King(鮨金と書くらしい)はよくディナーに行くローカルのレストラン。メインを3アイテム選べる定食には、デザートにジェロー(気をきかせて2人分くれる♪)がついてきて、主人とシェアしてもかなり満足なボリューム♪ローカル客が多いですが、日英メニューだから大丈夫。予約しなくても、だいたいなんとか入れてます。場所はSouth KingとUniversityの交差点からすぐの所、夜中までやってますよ~。


2004 06 09 | 固定リンク



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konbanwa! genki? all these stores and restaurants should pay you for all the marketing you are doing for them!
Yeah that tomorrow is FRIDAY! finally..

投稿者: (Jun 10, 2004, 10:50:48 PM)

Hey, Taryn, thanks for visiting!
I am genki desu yo!
Did you see loco moco at Pinapple Room, where your mom and dad took us for lunch last year.
Ken found it on the menu so decided to order it.
That was the first time for him that he has
eaten loco moco although we have been in Hawaii
for many times, funny yeah?
Ken said that it was super good.
I usually have Ceaser salad with grilled
chicken and a glass of plantation iced tea.

I miss Hawaii more and more....

Aloha, Reiko

投稿者: (Jun 11, 2004, 12:28:42 AM)

That loco moco looks SO good! ;) My friend is a shift manager at the Pineapple Room and said that she has gained some weight because the food is so good there...i've only eaten there once so i'll have to try it again! ;) when i come in august we should try make our own loco moco! i'll have my mom mail stuff from home!

投稿者: (Jun 12, 2004, 11:08:27 AM)

That's a good idea, let's try making our own!
I remember you made one for us at home before,
which was so good.
I have a favour to ask you when you come here.
Would you make haupia cake with ice cream or
whatever you can make with the package you
gave us (haupia powder)? I would like to
introduce it on my web. Since all we can see
in the magazine on haupia is just a kind of
white jerry stuff, not like the one you made.
I am also very much curious about jero!
Are there so many colors of them?

Big news, taryn! There will be cream puff
forest in Sunshine60 in Ikebukuro in this
coming July. We must go there!! WOW\(^o^)/

投稿者: (Jun 12, 2004, 11:01:24 PM)

of course! i'll try bake at your house..maybe chocolate haupia pie!! i tried to make butter mochi at my friends house last weekend but it didn't come out that great...it's so hard to bake in japan! i just learned that a japanese cup is smaller than an american cup. did you know that? yeah, cooking time!

投稿者: (Jun 13, 2004, 1:16:13 PM)

Was that chocolate haupia pie that you made for us at your house in Hawaii? I have a photo on my
PC but wasn't sure if that was it...
Can't wait to see you in August! \(^-^)/

投稿者: (Jun 13, 2004, 5:21:03 PM)